Our members include organizations and individuals in the accounting profession, data providers, public companies, researchers, technologists, federal regulators and a growing number of industry groups. Together, they support a shared vision for transparency in the markets and the XBRL standard by collaborating on XBRL US initiatives with members and others worldwide. 

Organizational Memberships

Corporate Membership

Accounting and consulting firms, software and tool providers, data aggregators, filing agents and financial market participants have a clear stake in the XBRL standard, either from applications and services they offer or from the value they gain through consistent, timely data afforded by standards. XBRL US offers three categories of corporate membership: regular membership (based on a comany’s number of employees), Single-Initiative Membership and a special SEC Filer Membership for public company issuers, providing tools and resources to help improve the quality of their XBRL financials.

Institutional Membership

Nonprofits, associations, academic institutions and government regulators join XBRL US to increase their knowledge base and raise their profile as experts in the XBRL community.

Individual Membership

Individual members are provided tools to learn how to work with and extract XBRL data to identify critical trends affecting their investments and their business. Whether you’re just getting started, are a Power User day-trading or looking at how to structure the next ‘killer app’, or are a Sole Practitioner looking for greater involvement with Committees and Working Groups, we’re eager for you to join this growing effort.