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Calcbench Newsletter (March 2017)

In this issue: An early look at 2016 annual reports Operating margins at large filers, 2013-2016 Share repurchase programs, through Q3 2016

SEC Notice on IFRS Taxonomy: What It Means for FPIs, XBRL Providers & Data Users

1:00 PM EDT Wednesday, April 5, 2017
XBRL US Webinar
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Learn about the IFRS XBRL Taxonomy and the implications of the SEC notification that the taxonomy has been approved and posted to the Commission web site.

SEC Inline XBRL Proposal: Where It Leads for Issuers, XBRL Providers & Data Users

3:00 PM EDT Wednesday, March 22, 2017
XBRL US Webinar
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Learn about the SEC rule proposal to require the use of Inline XBRL for public company reporting. Find out the implications of the rule change for issuers, data providers and XBRL service and tool providers and get the details on the Inline XBRL specification.

Standards to Automate Processing for Contractors, Agents & Sureties

3:00 PM EDT Wednesday, March 29, 2017
XBRL US Webinar
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The Work-in-Process (WIP) report and other financials can be delivered in useable form directly from contractor to surety eliminating manual rekeying of data, improving timeliness and access to credit for contractors. Financial data standards can automate the process. Join this webinar to view demonstrations for creating and consuming XBRL-formatted WIP reports.

Ready to trade in your flip phone?

Julie Valpey, Chair, XBRL US Communications Steering Committee; Partner, National SEC Department, BDO

Switching to structured (XBRL) data after using HTML versions of financial filings is like trading in your flip phone for an iPhone. Wow. Suddenly you can do things you never thought possible.

Calcbench Newsletter (February 2017)

In this issue: U.S vs International Sales at Large Filers. Early look at large banks’ 2016 revenue streams. Revenue and PPE trends in retail. Sizing the FCPA pipeline. FASB proposes tweaks to debt classification. Look, a non-GAAP enforcement action!

Membership – Join US

The accounting profession, data providers, public companies, technologists, federal regulators and a growing number of industry groups view XBRL as an important component of transparency in the markets. These organizations support the business reporting standard by collaborating on XBRL US initiatives with other like-minded organizations and individuals. Learn about membership options for individuals and organizations and get started today.

Creating Quality Financials for Institutional Investor Use

3 PM EDT Wednesday, February 22, 2017
XBRL US Webinar
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Join this informative discussion with Thomson Reuters about how they use structured data for investor clients. You’ll also learn about the latest ruleset available from the Data Quality Committee to identify and resolve XBRL errors.

Calcbench Newsletter (January 2017)

In this issue: Walmart anti-corruption costs. Walmart has been mired in a long-running investigation of possible bribery to secure permits in Mexico, India, and elsewhere. Just how much money has this cost the world’s largest company since the investigation began in 2011? At least $820 million—a number you can find quickly and easily in the […more]

Research & Data

Browse this growing collection of case studies, white papers and resources documenting the significance of the business reporting data standard, or dig and discover what’s in the data with tools and services like our Data Analysis Toolkit that bring near real-time analysis to your desktop or device.