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Ready to trade in your flip phone?

Julie Valpey, Chair, XBRL US Communications Steering Committee; Partner, National SEC Department, BDO Switching to structured (XBRL) data after using HTML versions of financial filings is like trading in your flip phone for an iPhone 7. Wow. Suddenly you can do things you never thought possible. Flip phones were only good for making calls.  Today’s phones […more]

Calcbench Newsletter (February 2017)

In this issue: U.S vs International Sales at Large Filers. Early look at large banks’ 2016 revenue streams. Revenue and PPE trends in retail. Sizing the FCPA pipeline. FASB proposes tweaks to debt classification. Look, a non-GAAP enforcement action!

Creating Quality Financials for Institutional Investor Use

3 PM EDT Wednesday, February 22, 2017
XBRL US Webinar
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Join this informative discussion with Thomson Reuters about how they use structured data for investor clients. You’ll also learn about the latest ruleset available from the Data Quality Committee to identify and resolve XBRL errors.

Calcbench Newsletter (January 2017)

In this issue: Walmart anti-corruption costs. Walmart has been mired in a long-running investigation of possible bribery to secure permits in Mexico, India, and elsewhere. Just how much money has this cost the world’s largest company since the investigation began in 2011? At least $820 million—a number you can find quickly and easily in the […more]

Global Data Provider Reduces Data Processing Time 90%

Morningstar, an investment research and investment management firm headquartered in Chicago, provides data on approximately 525,000 investment offerings, and began collecting data in XBRL format in 2012, starting with data from Taiwan and Japan. In 2016 they began working with US-based corporate data in XBRL format and will be making this available to clients in […more]

Research Analyst Saves 72 Hours off Data Collection

Corporate earnings are of keen interest to investors as a critical measure of value. But “unremitted (untaxed) foreign earnings”, which have significant implications for corporate earnings, may be off the radar screen of many investors simply because of its placement in company filings, embedded in the notes to the financials. The cumulative balance of untaxed […more]

Dept of Energy Orange Button: Data Standards in Solar Financing

3:00 PM EDT Wednesday, January 18, 2017
XBRL US Webinar
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The U.S. solar energy industry reached 31.6 gigawatts of total installed capacity in Q2 2016, enough to power 6.2 million American homes. This webinar will present the Dept of Energy plan to reduce solar financing costs and bring down the consumer cost of renewable energy by creating unified data standards. Find out how the XBRL standard for solar financing is being developed.

Student-run Investment Fund Gains Access to Affordable, Timely Corporate Financials

Corporate financials are now affordable, educating tomorrow’s investors. Professor Mike Phillips at California State University – Northridge, helped his students establish a student-run investment fund that today manages $3.5 million. The fund contains three portfolios – 1) an ETF (exchange traded fund); 2) a traditional common stock portfolio with an emphasis on growth and quality; […more]

A Conversation with the SEC Division of Enforcement

3 PM EDT Wednesday, January 25, 2017
XBRL US Webinar
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Join this informative discussion with Howard Kaplan from the SEC’s Division of Enforcement, and learn how the SEC uses XBRL-formatted financials in its day-to-day activities.

Audit Firm Produces More Robust Analysis, Reduces Data Collection Time

BDO USA, LLP, the US member firm of BDO International, a global accounting network, was asked to evaluate the fair value of the intangible assets acquired as part of a business combination. A primary factor in this type of evaluation is determining the reasonableness of the underlying projections used to support the intangible asset values. […more]