From IGM Technology Corp. for EDGAR filers

IGM’s leadership team has been addressing the challenges of manual processes within the finance office since 2007. Our founder’s vision served as the baseline for pioneering transformative solutions that enable organizations to effortlessly navigate through continual innovation and evolving regulations. Leveraging this extensive knowledge and experience, IGM developed its flagship application “Gravity” – to automate key processes within the Office of Finance, without the need to revert to manual processes.

IGM Technology Platform suite
IGM Technology offers a comprehensive solution to enhance its customers’ financial operations, enabling improved efficiency, controls, quality and accuracy in budgeting and financial reporting. IGM’s cloud-based solution, Gravity, encompasses a wide range of core modules including: Report Automation (Annual Reports, ACFR, Quarterly Reports, 10ks, 10Qs), Budgeting & Planning, Financial Group Consolidation, Reconciliation Management, and ESG Report Automation.

IGM Technology Reporting Solution
Gravity Reporting Automation is built on a Multidimensional Financial Management model (MDFM). Crafted to be fully compliant with accounting standards (GASB, FASB, IFRS), MDFM is designed to eliminate the need for tedious manual linking and manual formatting.

The real game-changer, however, is the system’s ability to auto-generate XBRL output. Organizations can effortlessly bypass the labor-intensive process of manual tagging, which enables organizations to produce iXBRL files in real-time. Gravity supports numerous XBRL standards, including: SEC, ACFR, ESMA, AFR, COREP & FINREP, SOLVENCY 2 mandates and more.

Highly formatted reports and iXBRL output
Gravity is the only reporting solution capable of delivering desktop publishing quality output within a 100% cloud-based solution. With Gravity, the process of formatting reports becomes quick, easy, and fully automated. Gravity’s report generation engine ensures consistent styles within tables, encompassing aspects like margins, table layout and size, column widths, fonts, and styles. This provides a cohesive, unified appearance throughout the report.

IGM Technology for Government Reporting
Fully compliant with GASB 34 and GFOA standards, eliminating the need for manual linking and XBRL tagging. It streamlines the process by automatically generating ACFR iXBRL & Florida AFR Instant Document output, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in financial reporting.

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