From DataTracks

DataTracks’ Glacier is a cloud based collaborative platform wherein users can input the data in templates that are similar to FERC’s layout and convert to XBRL with few clicks enabling quick and seamless adaptation.

Glacier’s inbuilt validation module can process thousands of FERC validation rules with great speed & accuracy, Glacier also displays the results online with an ability to trace back to the templates for users to make easy edits. Built on ‘Data Point Model’, edits to the data are comprehensively tracked by control features like audit trail and version comparison. Ability for users to directly submit the XBRL report to FERC assures data integrity for users and this is an integral feature of the product.

Features: Tool • For FERC Filers • data analysis • web-based training • 24/7 technical support • inline XBRL • version control • local rule checking • Excel interface •

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