Calcbench, Inc.

A member of our Intermediary / Aggregator community since June, 2013.

Calcbench is one of the first companies to fully harness the power of the new, government mandated data standard called XBRL. With a direct line into the SEC’s corporate financial data repository, Calcbench provides data with a whole new level of detail, faster, and at a much better value.

Calcbench Newsletter (March 2017)

In this issue: An early look at 2016 annual reports Operating margins at large filers, 2013-2016 Share repurchase programs, through Q3 2016

Calcbench Newsletter (February 2017)

In this issue: U.S vs International Sales at Large Filers. Early look at large banks’ 2016 revenue streams. Revenue and PPE trends in retail. Sizing the FCPA pipeline. FASB proposes tweaks to debt classification. Look, a non-GAAP enforcement action!

Calcbench Newsletter (January 2017)

In this issue: Walmart anti-corruption costs. Walmart has been mired in a long-running investigation of possible bribery to secure permits in Mexico, India, and elsewhere. Just how much money has this cost the world’s largest company since the investigation began in 2011? At least $820 million—a number you can find quickly and easily in the […more]

Calcbench Newsletter (December 2016)

In this issue: Predictive analysis and going concern warnings. A new standard goes into effect this month to impose more discipline around how companies assess their ability to continue as a going concern. Calcbench did an experiment to see how quickly we could identify filers with multiple poor financial metrics—which, in turn, could help analysts […more]

Calcbench Newsletter (November 2016)

In this issue: Time between filing the earnings release and the 10-Q. Ever wonder how much time companies take between filing their earnings release and then following up with the Form 10-Q to report those earnings? We did, so we did some digging. While the average time gap in second-quarter 2016 was four days, when […more]

Calcbench Newsletter (September 2016)

For those who took a summer vacation in August, Calcbench has been busy expanding our product lineup and doing more dabbling in financial data research. Whether you’re new to our products or looking to learn more about how we can improve your day-to-day, we hope you find the newsletter useful.

Calcbench Newsletter (August 2016)

During one recent expedition into the Calcbench databases we took a look at patterns of deferred revenue, and how steady those numbers have been as a portion of corporate revenue overall. Check out this month’s newsletter to see how much corporate cash streams depend on deferred revenue (and which may feel some stress in future […more]

Calcbench Newsletter (June 2016)

Historical data is always useful to good financial analysis, so Calcbench has decided to serve up a bunch more of it to our customers. When researching a company (through the Company in Detail page), you can now use our Show All History feature to see all line items the company has disclosed—including line items a […more]

Calcbench Newsletter (May 2016)

Spending on share-based compensation to employees is always an interesting item for financial analysts, so we recently did a study of how much the S&P 500 have been spending on line item over the last four years. Among the companies that do spend money on equity compensation (23 percent of the S&P 500 do not), […more]