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Investors, analysts, accountants, developers and regulators use XBRL to get better, faster and more affordable financial data. Timely, highly detailed financial data is available in computer-readable format, covering thousands of public companies with multiple years of history.

Individual Members get tools to explore XBRL data, information to learn about critical trends affecting your investments and your business, and greater insights into XBRL creation best practice.

There are three options for Individual Membership listed at right – each of these annual options include:

  • Use the XBRL US querying tool* or customizable Google Sheet templates with an Add-on to conduct private, non-commercial research using our copy of the SEC’s corporate XBRL filings, updated from the regulator every 15 minutes.
  • Use the taxonomy comparison tool* to identify changes in a new release of the US GAAP Taxonomy. Identify definition changes, deprecated elements and new elements that will directly affect an XBRL financial statement.
  • Receive and maintain XBRL Achievements for Professional Education, XBRL Data, Committee Membership and Specification and Guidance activities
  • AICPA member-pricing ($749) for their 12 CPE XBRL Fundamentals online training
  • Registration discounts for all XBRL US CPE webinars and live events
  • Newsletters and priority communications covering regulatory and industry trends, events and issues.
  • LinkedIn access to a growing network of professionals in our private member group

* All XBRL US Members can login and use tools for data queries and taxonomy research.

NOTE:  Individual and Power Users Members can request to attend/observe XBRL US Committees and Working Groups, but are restricted from contributing or casting votes.

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