From Broadridge Financial Solutions for EDGAR filers

Public companies have the same goals when it comes to SEC compliance — accuracy, timeliness and efficiency. We help you meet these objectives, enhancing control and reducing costs with a flexible, single-source solution for creating and filing required documents.

Our end-to-end solution helps you create and file SEC compliance documents quickly and easily. Start with PROfile, our innovative, lightning-fast software and let us help you as needed for the rest.

PROfile links to native Excel files so you only have to make changes once and your content is automatically updated in every format, reducing time and eliminating risk. If you need a helping hand, we can support tasks such as complex XBRL tagging.

Reduce errors and effort with one system for your EDGAR and XBRL-tagged content

  • Roll forward data before each filing period and PROfile will preserve prior XBRL mapping and tagging
  • No loss or rework of XBRL mapping and tagging through revision cycles
  • Dynamic contexts keep data tagged and consistent from filing to filing
  • Financial database links to your own spreadsheets

Features: Center for Data Quality Certified • data management • filing preparation • financial information analysis • For EDGAR Filers •

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