Status: public review open

Government agency representatives, municipal analysts and investors, software providers, and other users of state and local government data are invited to review and comment on the data standards developed to represent sections of the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR).

This version of the ACFR Taxonomy is open for comment through Monday, August 15. The Release Candidate builds on the previous Demonstration Release (May, 2021) and includes support for schedules required by the Michigan Treasury, as a result of a grant-funded pilot conducted by the University of Michigan’s Center for Local, State and Urban Policy (CLOSUP).

Inline XBRL Samples

The sample HTML reports below are based on the latest v1.0RC11 Release Candidate, displayed using a viewer developed by the US SEC to support public company financial reporting. Download the inline XBRL sample instance documents (.zip).

County of Ogemaw (Michigan) Annual Comprehensive Financial Report for the year ended September 30, 2020 – contributed by XBRL US Member Iris Business Services LLC

City of South Haven (Michigan) Annual Comprehensive Financial Report for the year ended June 30, 2020 – contributed by XBRL US Member Iris Business Services LLC

The taxonomy is a project of the XBRL US Standard Government Reporting Working Group to test the premise that standards can improve efficiencies by automating the process of creating, collecting, and analyzing government data. Feedback is received during public review periods and incorporated into this latest version.

ACFR Taxonomy, Release Candidate v1.0RC11

In order to be considered by XBRL US and its Committees and/or Working Groups, all comments received during Public Review must be made only after reviewing and accepting these Terms & Conditions..

Review and comment on the Taxonomy through CoreFiling’s Taxonomy Viewer, which requires free registration (Read the Viewer Guide). If you do not already have a Yeti login, follow these steps to get started:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click “Sign up”
  3. Fill in the form using the same name and email address used to accept Terms and Conditions, and click “Create” (which will create a new account)
  4. Locate the “ACFR Single Audit Taxonomy” and click “Subscribe”
  5. Click on the icon in Yeti to open the taxonomy

Alternatively, presentation views of each statement and plan data, as well as the Single Audit Report schedules, can be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet (.xls).

Use the comment form below to upload letters or other artifacts related to this taxonomy review process, or to provide additional insight(s) from your understanding of the taxonomy in this public review period.