Domain Steering Committee (DSC)

The DSC has a mission to support the technology and development efforts of XBRL US that are necessary to meet the business reporting needs of key markets in the United States. The DSC approves taxonomy development work, performs quality control, and provides feedback to working groups.

Communications Steering Committee (CSC)

The CSC has a mission of facilitating the adoption and widespread use of XBRL by the business reporting supply chain. The CSC engages members, government and the public at large to increase the awareness of the benefits of using XBRL data and build community among a diverse audience.

XBRL International’s Working Groups and Process

This document describes the process for the development of XBRL International technical work products by working groups under the governance of the XBRL Standards Board. Other documents may supersede this document. Recipients are invited to submit comments to, and to submit notification of any relevant patent rights of which they are aware and provide supporting […more]

Database of Public Filings

The XBRL US Database of Public Filings mirrors the structure of the XBRL standard so that an XBRL instance document and associated schema can be loaded and stored. This structure makes it very flexible for use in any XBRL data collection environment. XBRL US populates the public database with XBRL filings submitted to the SEC […more]


The XBRL API (Application Program Interface) is a set of endpoints developed to help data users access timely, highly granular, structured XBRL data. The XBRL API works with any database that contains XBRL data, as demonstrated with the XBRL US Database of Public Filings.

XBRL Specification Index

XBRL International publishes documents that define business reporting technologies in use by regulators and regulated companies, governments, businesses of all sizes and within large and medium sized enterprises. The development of these specifications follow a process designed to promote consensus, fairness, public accountability and quality. During this process, the document will be published at various […more]


US Taxonomies

Below is a list of XBRL taxonomies developed by XBRL US and other organizations. Click the titles below to get descriptions, contacts, detailed technical information and additional resources.