Novaworks, LLC

A member of our Software and Services community since August, 2011.

Novaworks, LLC is a company dedicated to developing technology that increases the accessibility of HTML and XBRL for all EDGAR filers. Our goal is to level the playing field for EDGAR and XBRL compliance, so small- and mid-cap companies can once again feel confident in using in-house staff for filing to the SEC. Founded in […more]

GoFiler Complete

Features: For EDGAR Filers • instance creation • instance rendering • taxonomy validation • taxonomy/extension creation •

GoFiler Complete is an all-in-one solution for EDGAR filings with every tool you need to file any form type to the SEC. GoFiler Complete’s edit windows render complex documents so you feel like you’re working in a word processor, a spreadsheet application or a data form.

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Styles Come and Go; Consistency Is Timeless

Scott Theis, Chair, XBRL US Domain Steering Committee, President and CEO, Novaworks

A taxonomy style guide isn’t about creating a memorable “style”. The style guide is about building clear, transparent, understandable standards that result in predictable communication every time. XBRL relies on a taxonomy of concepts to identify facts, contexts and other relationships. Any ambiguity in the language used within that taxonomy to communicate data, could produce inconsistent results.


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