Issued: July 26, 2013
Initially issued July 29, 2011
Impact: All US GAAP


In the example below, a company reports common stock and does not have any treasury stock.  There have been varied practices with respect to tagging this line item:

Common Stock Value Issued 1

Some filers choose Alternative 1:

Element: CommonStockValue

Documentation: Aggregate par or stated value of issued nonredeemable common stock (or common stock redeemable solely at the option of the issuer). This item includes treasury stock repurchased by the entity. Note: elements for number of nonredeemable common shares, par value and other disclosure concepts are in another section within stockholders’ equity.

Other filers choose Alternative 2:

Element: CommonStockValueOutstanding

Documentation: Value of all classes of common stock held by shareholders. May be all or portion of the number of common shares authorized. These shares exclude common shares repurchased by the entity and held as treasury shares.


If the monetary value of shares issued and shares outstanding is the same, then, at a minimum, report the value of CommonStockValue on the balance sheet.  CommonStockValue issued is the more specific  or narrowly-defined item.  A value for CommonStockValueOutstanding should be  reported for  the same value in the parenthetical.