This tool will allow you to convert an Excel spreadsheet into an XBRL instance document, and is consistent with the WIP template format used by the Small Business Administration (SBA)  for the SBA Surety Guarantee Program (Read the SBA Notice to Prior Approval Surety Partners and the SBA Announcement).

The NASBP WIP Spreadsheet is part of the NASBP Producer Tool Kit. To convert your spreadsheet, simply download the NASBP WIP Spreadsheet for XBRL, and follow the instructions available via the link below.

**By downloading this file or using the Spreadsheet Converter Link on this page, from the NASBP Producer Tool Kit, you warrant that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Producer’s Toolkit License.**

Download the NASBP WIP Spreadsheet for XBRL (version 1.1)

Download the instructions: INSTRUCTIONS Converting NASBP WIP Spreadsheet to XBRL

Submit the preformatted Excel template in the form below. When the process completes, an .xbrl file of the XBRL instance document will be available to download to your computer.