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Check your XBRL-formatted financial statements with XBRL Consistency Suite.

Take control of your XBRL reporting process with XBRL Consistency Suite, a set of three tools that allow you to perform a thorough, repeatable data quality check, conduct peer analysis and transition to a new release of the US GAAP Taxonomy. Purchase an annual subscription for tools that make the XBRL reporting process easier.

Why do auditors, standard setters and public company filers rely on XBRL Consistency Suite?

  • Get the most comprehensive data quality checks, covers 30+ categories of potential errors including incorrect signage, invalid combinations of concepts, roll forward issues, missing concepts and calculation errors, among others. 
  • Rules are tailored to each concept and combination of concepts, based on a detailed review of each element in the US GAAP Taxonomy, not created through an automated process.
  • Gain access to a timely database of all XBRL submissions which can be used for far more than just the XBRL process. Investor relations, financial planning or any other individuals within your company who have need for timely, accurate, as-reported data can access this database through a single subscription.
  • Ease the transition to a new release of the US GAAP Taxonomy. This tool allows users to find changes in a new release of the taxonomy. such as definition changes or deprecated items that have a direct impact on your own financial statement.

Currently available in offerings from these providers:

  • CoreFiling Magnify
  • XBRL Cloud
  • Certent, Inc.
  • The Vintage Group
  • Summit Financial Printing

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