Issued: January 27, 2012
Impact: All US GAAP


Some LLC companies present the ownership units on DEI as follows:

Example 1:
DEI disclosure for LLC's 1
Example 2:
DEI disclosure for LLC's2


When LLC companies present DEI in this format, the EntityCommonStockSharesOutstanding element should not be tagged.

If the presentation is described as in Example 1 above, an extension element MembershipInterestsDescription should be created with a data type of stringItemType to tag the disclosure.

If the presentation is described as in Example 2 above, a filer can create an extension element MembershipInterestsPercentage with a data type of percentItemType to tag the individual percentages separately.  Creation of additional Domain Members may also be necessary to define the context.  In addition to the separate percentage disclosures, the filer could also add an extension element MembershipInterestsDescription if the filer would like to include the entire textual content in the XBRL data.