Crowe LLP is one of the largest public accounting, consulting, and technology firms in the U.S. Connecting deep construction industry accounting and tax expertise and specialized knowledge with innovative technology, our dedicated professionals create value for our clients with integrity and objectivity. As part of our initiative to help automate the construction industry’s information flow through efficient use of technology, we have developed the Crowe Portfolio AnalyzerTM solution for sureties and agents, which can deliver timely and comprehensive reporting about each contractor’s financial situation while significantly reducing manual data entry and analysis. This solution’s comprehensive analysis and benchmarking capabilities can greatly enhance visibility across the company’s contractor portfolio. The Crowe Portfolio Analyzer solution is a powerful tool when coupled with the Crowe Financial Data Automation solution, which allows contractor financial statements and job schedules to be submitted in their original format. These are automatically input into the Crowe Portfolio Analyzer system and reports are created and exported in the appropriate format to be sent to sureties, agents, and banks. Learn more about the Crowe Portfolio Analyzer solution for sureties and agents ( and the patent-pending Crowe Financial Data Automation solution (

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