DataTracks is a leading provider of XBRL tagging services. DataTracks offers Disclourse Management Solution, a cloud-based XBRL tagging solution, that helps companies prepare their regulatory filings for the SEC. DataTracks follows ‘Minds on, Hands off’ approach by providing Assisted Service. The solution also features multiple authors to collaborate from multiple locations on a single source document to generate multiple output such as Edgar HTML, XBRL and PDF. The Auto Update feature in the solution ensures changes made to the source are reflected in the output files automatically. This feature allows companies to make changes to their documents until the last minute of filing, seamlessly. We provide an online excel reviewer’s guide, reasoning our element choices for controversial elements for your easy review. We also tag and validate for SEC filing compliance and provide XML and HTML rending files to you. We incorporate any element change requests or change in source information at no additional cost. DataTracks offers its cloud based Disclosure Management Solution to both Corporations and Financial Printers. With over 8 years of experience in preparing regulatory filings for the SEC, we are well known for our quick turnaround and quality. By being a member of XBRL US, helps us to conform to industry best practices. For more information, visit

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