KPMG LLP is the audit and tax firm that has maintained a continuous commitment throughout its history to providing leadership, integrity and quality to the capital markets. The Big Four firm with the strongest growth record over the past decade, KPMG offers clients scale, global reach, industry insights and a multidisciplinary range of services. KPMG LLP ( is the U.S. member firm of KPMG International. KPMG Internationalís member firms have nearly 100,000 professionals, including 6,600 partners, in 150 countries.KPMG is one of the founding members of the XBRL International consortium and is extremely active in the development and adoption of this remarkable technology around the world.

We are the first professional services organization with a team of full-time professionals dedicated to XBRL. KPMG member firms helps clients in this field understand and clarify their business needs. Applying tools and methodologies that leverage knowledge, we help clients resolve problems and manage risk. KPMG’s Global XBRL Services Team helps the not-for-profit XBRL International consortium improve and promote XBRL and supports KPMG professionals in the delivery of XBRL-related products and services to KPMG member firms clients everywhere.

Notable accomplishments in this field include:

• Co-editors of the XBRL specification
• Co-editors of the first XBRL taxonomy
• First professional services firm to support a full XBRL implementation
• Developer of taxonomies for a national companies regulator in Europe
• Delivery of feasibility study and production-ready complex taxonomy development, including formula support, for a U.S. regulator
• Delivery of taxonomy production and information navigation tools for an Australian regulator
• Review and strategy work with a number of software vendors

Learn more about KPMG's offerings and participation as member of the XBRL US Professional Services community since August, 2000.