RDG Filings, Inc. provides SEC filing full-service and software-solutions. RDG’s experience converting and filing documents with the SEC’s EDGAR system began in 1996, and it has been providing XBRL tagging services since the inception of this mandate.

RDG offers exclusive, on-demand document management software. The ThunderDome® Portal provides multi-user access to create, manage, edit, and file EDGAR documents with the SEC.

The RDG team consists of EDGAR Specialists, XBRL Experts, and CPAs that have more than 20 years’ experience guiding clients through the SEC filing process. Augmenting the ThunderDome® Portal are our core competencies—EDGAR Conversion & XBRL Tagging of documents to be filed with the SEC. Above all, Customer Service is the heart of our business.

Learn more about RDG Filings's offerings and participation as member of the XBRL US Software and Services community since October, 2012. http://rdgfilings.com/