Posted on Friday, January 19, 2024

By David Tauriello, Vice President of Operations, XBRL US
Everyone appreciates a good tip. While no substitute for a comprehensive review of all relevant information, shortcuts that enhance efficiency, save money, or broaden a perspective are useful and can have a lasting impact.

Since 2018, we’ve been making data we’ve copied into our Public Filings Database from US and European regulators available through the XBRL API.

In that time, we’ve answered thousands of questions from XBRL US Members and non-Members about the data, the XBRL API and resources we’ve made available that use the XBRL API to query our data collection. From what we know about these resources and what we’ve heard from people working with them, the following tips & techniques might offer insight to your next querying session – click on the tip to learn more.

  1. Start small, grow a query and know your limits.

  2. Sort 'Fields to Return' before querying to quickly scan results.

  3. Focus on 'Fields to Return' to build more powerful queries.

  4. Understand ultimus and unique and the different capacities of each.

  5. Get accurate with facts across a specific report type.

  6. Explore dimensions for a more complete picture of the entity's story.

  7. Output the add-in's auto-populated results into your worksheet.

  8. Query the cube to save on processing time.

  9. Use additional options in the spreadsheet's ‘showData’ function to customize results.

  10. Adapt what's available to support your continued development.