Members must adhere to the mission and intent of the DQC mission, to improve the usability and effectiveness of XBRL data across all filings. Members must adhere to the definitions set by the DQC. Members of the DQC committee and subcommittees must behave in an ethical and collaborative manner. Members must not use information obtained in DQC meetings to solicit customers from competitors or use information shared in confidence to cause financial harm to others.

This policy is not intended to restrict competition, but members are expected to collaborate on rules, identify issues and inform the committee when issues are identified.

Members must not use information derived from DQC participation to suggest that the quality of work of other members does not meet DQC standards prior to publication and acceptance in the marketplace. For example, it should not be implied that there are data quality issues in a filing where an issue identified by a rule has not been corrected prior to the effective date of the rule.