Posted on Friday, June 10, 2022

XBRL US submitted a comment letter in response to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) proposal on Rules Relating to Security-Based Swap Execution and Registration and Regulation of Security-Based Swap Execution Facilities. This proposal calls for new Form SBSEF to be prepared by security-based swap execution facilities (SBSEF) in Inline XBRL format. Form SBSEF includes narrative as well as quantitative facts, including financial data. The Commission notes that Form SBSEF is closely modeled on CFTC Form SEF as well as the exhibits in Form SEF, which include information related to the entity’s financials, business organization, compliance as well as legal and financial status. In our letter we confirmed our support for Inline XBRL.

Read the XBRL US letter: XBRL US Comment on Security Based Swamps, File No. S7-14-22

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