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Government agency representatives, municipal analysts and investors, software providers, and other users of state and local government data are invited to review and comment on the data standards developed to represent Fire, Hospital, Metropolitan and School Districts for the State of Colorado. The Special District Taxonomies are part of the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR) Taxonomy and included in the Government Reporting Information Package (GRIP) Taxonomy.

The standards and taxonomy were developed by the XBRL US Standard Government Reporting Working Group as a pilot to test the premise that standards can improve efficiencies by automating the process of creating, collecting, and analyzing government data.

Inline XBRL Samples

Below are inline filings based on the Release Candidate 1 – 2023 Government Reporting Information Package (GRIP) Taxonomy, and are displayed using the U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s inline viewer.

Please note: all reported facts in the instance may not be tagged because of the limited number of elements created for this Beta Release.

Denver Health (Colorado) Report to the City 2022 – contributed by XBRL US Member DataTracks

Douglas County School District Annual Comprehensive Financial Report For Year Ended June 30, 2022 – contributed by XBRL US Member DataTracks

South Metro Fire Rescue Fire Protection District (Colorado) Annual Comprehensive Financial Report For the Fiscal Year Ended December 31, 2022 – contributed by XBRL US Member DataTracks

Tallgrass Metropolitan District (Colorado) 2022 Annual Report – contributed by XBRL US Member DataTracks

2023 Special District Beta Release (GRIP Taxonomy)

Presentation views of concepts for each Special District can be found on the spreadsheet shown below which can also be viewed from this location.

Provide Comments on the concepts included in the Special Districts for Colorado as part of the 2023 GRIP Release Candidate

You’ll need to agree to Terms and Conditions to have your comments about the Release Candidate. Login with an XBRL US Web Account or Google Account to provide comments on this Demonstration Release, then follow the instructions linked below to review and agree to Terms and Conditions.

Be sure to include the corresponding sheet name and concept name with your comment. The list of elements for this release with selected metadata as shown above can be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet for review, if you’re unable to use Google Sheets.