XINCE is an expression syntax that allows the creation of XBRL reports using a XULE processor.

The XINCE language uses the XULE syntax to define facts in an XBRL instances either in a  JSON or XML format. 

Creating Facts with XINCE

The XINCE syntax allows a user to define the data included in an XBRL instance. The XINCE syntax supports associating dimensions with a fact.  These include the period the concept, the entity the unit and any other taxonomy defined dimensions. XINCE can be used to create as many facts as required.  Every fact that is created must specify the instance document that it belongs too.

XINCE created facts can then be written to an instance or multiple instances.

Fact Generation Example

The following expression will take every monetary fact in an instance document, multiply the value by 10% and output the result as a new instance called myInstance.

output createInstance


instance-name  “myInstance”


output add_fact_values

{ = xbrli:monetaryItemType}


fact-value $rule-value * 1.1

fact-concept $

fact-unit $

fact-entity  $

fact-period  $

fact-decimals  $rule-value.decimals

fact-dimensions  $

fact-instance “myInstance”