Alphabetical Listing of XULE properties, the properties parameters, and the object it can be used on.

Property Name Parameters (-ve is optional) Object Applies To Bound to a fact
abs 0 int, float, decimal, fact FALSE
all 0 list, set FALSE
any 0 list, set FALSE
arc-name 0 relationship FALSE
arcrole 0 network, relationship FALSE
arcrole-description 0 network, relationship FALSE
arcrole-uri 0 network, relationship FALSE
aspects 0 fact TRUE
attribute 1 concept, relationship FALSE
avg 0 list, set FALSE
balance 0 concept FALSE
base-type 0 concept, fact TRUE
concept -1 fact, taxonomy, dimension TRUE
concept-names 0 taxonomy, network FALSE
concepts 0 taxonomy, network FALSE
contains 1 list, set, string, uri FALSE
count 0 list, set FALSE
cube 2 taxonomy FALSE
cube-concept 0 cube FALSE
cubes 0 taxonomy FALSE
data-type 0 concept, fact TRUE
day 0 instant FALSE
days 0 instant, duration FALSE
decimals 0 fact TRUE
default 0 dimension FALSE
denominator 0 unit FALSE
description 0 role FALSE
difference 1 set FALSE
dimension 1 fact, taxonomy TRUE
dimensions 0 fact, cube, taxonomy TRUE
dimensions-explicit 0 fact TRUE
dimensions-typed 0 fact TRUE
drs-role 0 cube FALSE
dts-document-locations 0 taxonomy FALSE
effective-weight 2 taxonomy FALSE
effective-weight-network -3 taxonomy FALSE
end 0 instant, duration FALSE
entity 0 fact TRUE
entry-point 0 taxonomy FALSE
entry-point-namespace 0 taxonomy FALSE
enumerations 0 type, concept, fact TRUE
facts 0 cube FALSE
first 0 list, set FALSE
has-enumerations 0 type, concept, fact TRUE
has-key 1 dictionary FALSE
id 0 entity, unit, fact TRUE
index 1 list, dictionary FALSE
index-of 1 string, uri FALSE
inline-display-value 0 fact TRUE
inline-format 0 fact TRUE
inline-hidden 0 fact TRUE
inline-negated 0 fact TRUE
inline-scale 0 fact TRUE
intersect 1 set FALSE
is-abstract 0 concept, fact TRUE
is-fact 0 fact TRUE
is-monetary 0 concept, fact TRUE
is-nil 0 fact TRUE
is-numeric 0 concept, fact TRUE
is-subset 1 set FALSE
is-superset 1 set FALSE
is-type 1 concept, fact TRUE
join -2 list, set, dictionary FALSE
keys -1 dictionary FALSE
label -2 concept, fact TRUE
lang 0 label FALSE
last 0 list, set FALSE
last-index-of 1 string, uri FALSE
length 0 list, set, string, uri, dictionary FALSE
link-name 0 relationship FALSE
local-name 0 qname, concept, fact, reference-part TRUE
log10 0 int, float, decimal FALSE
lower-case 0 string, uri FALSE
max 0 list, set FALSE
min 0 list, set FALSE
mod 1 int, float, decimal, fact FALSE
month 0 instant FALSE
name 0 fact, concept, reference-part, type TRUE
namespace-uri 0 qname, concept, fact, reference-part TRUE
network 0 relationship FALSE
networks -2 taxonomy FALSE
number 0 int, float, decimal, fact FALSE
numerator 0 unit FALSE
order 0 relationship, reference-part FALSE
part-by-name 1 reference FALSE
part-value 0 reference-part FALSE
parts 0 reference FALSE
period 0 fact TRUE
period-type 0 concept FALSE
power 1 int, float, decimal FALSE
preferred-label 0 relationship FALSE
primary-concepts 0 cube FALSE
prod 0 list, set FALSE
references -1 concept, fact TRUE
relationships 0 network FALSE
role 0 network, label, reference, relationship FALSE
role-description 0 network, label, reference, relationship FALSE
role-uri 0 network, label, reference, relationship FALSE
roots 0 network FALSE
round 1 int, float, decimal, fact FALSE
scheme 0 entity FALSE
signum 0 int, float, decimal, fact FALSE
sort -1 list, set FALSE
source 0 relationship FALSE
source-concepts 0 network FALSE
source-name 0 relationship FALSE
split 1 string, uri FALSE
start 0 instant, duration FALSE
stdev 0 list, set FALSE
string 0 all FALSE
substitution 0 concept, fact TRUE
substring -2 string, uri FALSE
sum 0 list, set FALSE
symetric-difference 1 set FALSE
target 0 relationship FALSE
target-concepts 0 network FALSE
target-name 0 relationship FALSE
text 0 label FALSE
to-dict 0 list, set FALSE
to-json 0 list, set, dictionary FALSE
to-list 0 list, set FALSE
to-qname 0 string FALSE
to-set 0 list, set, dictionary FALSE
trim -1 string, uri FALSE
trunc -1 int, float, decimal, fact FALSE
union 1 set FALSE
unit 0 fact TRUE
upper-case 0 string, uri FALSE
uri 0 role, taxonomy FALSE
used-on 0 role FALSE
values 0 dictionary FALSE
weight 0 relationship FALSE
year 0 instant FALSE