3:00 PM EDT Wednesday, April 11, 2018 (60 Minutes / 1 CPE)
XBRL US Webinar || Watch / listen to replay

SEC filers using either the IFRS Taxonomy or the US GAAP Taxonomy, and the organizations that work with them, should attend this 60 minute webinar featuring speakers from the XBRL US Data Quality Committee. They’ll review rules created to catch errors and inconsistencies in SEC filings before they are submitted to the regulators. Find out about the first ruleset for IFRS filers, including five new rules covering date contexts, axes, and calculations. Plus more US GAAP rules for negative values and axes.

These rules are out for a 45-day public review period, ending May 7. All foreign private issuers, US based filers, and tool and service providers are encouraged to review the new rules and provide feedback. This webinar will walk through that process.


  • Lou Rohman, Vice President, XBRL Services, Merrill Corporation
  • Campbell Pryde, President and CEO, XBRL US

This event is free to attend, with an option to participate and earn 1 CPE for $49 ($39 XBRL US Members) – look for details in the registration confirmation.

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