10 AM ET Monday, November 4, 2019 (3 hours)
XBRL US Meeting || Newman Vertical Campus Conference Center, Baruch College || Webcast registration (XBRL US Members only)

2019 has been a critical year for XBRL, and for the members of XBRL US. U.S. regulators and legislators have taken important positions favoring the XBRL standard. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has adopted Inline XBRL for utilities, oil pipeline and gas pipeline companies. The state of California, taking the lead from Florida (which mandated XBRL for local governments in 2018), is investigating the value of XBRL for state and local reporting.

The Securities and Exchange Commission approved rules requiring additional tagging for public companies; they adopted Inline XBRL for public companies and funds; and introduced proposals that would expand XBRL reporting to BDCs, CETs, and variable life insurance and variable annuity companies.

The Federal Government passed the Open Government Data Act and is expected to pass the GREAT Act very soon, which calls for standards requirements for grants reporting.

These topics and others will be addressed during this year’s XBRL US Annual General Meeting (AGM) where we will cover what happened in 2019, and how we can leverage these activities and grow even stronger in 2020.

XBRL US members are all invited to get updates and join the dialogue about strategies surrounding:

  • Actions of the XBRL US Domain and Communications Steering committees
  • State & local government committee plans
  • Data Quality Committee plans
  • CEO goals and strategies for 2020
  • Election of 2020 Regular Directors for the XBRL US Board of Directors

The member meeting will be followed by a light lunch. The XBRL US Investor Forum begins immediately following lunch at 1 PM ET. Members are encouraged to attend.

The meeting and a Member Luncheon are open to all XBRL US Members, and are followed by the 2019 Investor Forum – if you’ll be with us for the full day, please be sure to identify yourself as an XBRL US Member when you register for the Investor Forum.

If you’re only able to attend in the morning or online, please RSVP below, so we can be sure you have details for participating.

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