2PM ET Thursday, March 18, 2021 (90 minutes)
Webinar hosted by Data Coalition || Register to attend

Last year major new laws advanced the government’s artificial intelligence practices, expanding and maturing the existing infrastructure to support agencies in adopting AI in practice. Now, with AI-focused pieces of legislation and administrative actions seeking to create a comprehensive AI strategy, what must be considered in order to successfully scale up implementation of AI programs? With extensive experience and applications ahead of government, the private sector approaches for ethically applying AI to solve major operational issues offers valuable insights about how the government can adapt from a research focus to production in 2021.

This webinar will feature a brief overview of recent laws shifting the legal framework in the US for government agencies. It will also discuss current uses of AI, and how new legislation can lead to successful, scaled up production based insights from the private sector relevant to government in 2021 and beyond. Join us on Thursday, March 18 for this live webinar.

This webinar is a part of RegTech 2021 series. Learn more here