1:00 PM EDT Tuesday, March 28, 2017 (75 min. / 1.5 CPE)
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The upcoming webcast will discuss the 2017 GAAP Taxonomy Release and cover enhancements that improve usability and include an update on current XBRL initiatives from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) staff.

Topics that are expected to be discussed include:

  • Update from the SEC staff
  • Overview of the 2017 Taxonomy Release with a focus on new structures
  • Updates on Taxonomy Implementation Guides
  • Overview of new search function in the Taxonomy Online Review and Comment System
  • Discussion of Taxonomy efficiency and effectiveness assessment.

Speakers:   Louis Matherne, FASB Chief of Taxonomy Development; Donna Johaneman, FASB Supervising Project Manager, XBRL; David Shaw, FASB Project Manager, XBRL; Vickie Lusniak, FASB Project Manager, XBRL; Melissa Nicholson, FASB Project Manager, XBRL; Mike Willis, Assistant Director, Office of Structured Disclosure, SEC; and Kimberly Earle, Associate Chief Accountant, Office of Structured Disclosure, SEC.

Participants will have the opportunity to email questions to the panelists during the event.