3 PM ET Wednesday, March 2, 2016 (60 Minutes)
XBRL US Webinar hosted by NASBP || Watch / listen to replay

The XBRL data standard can automate the consumption of financials and Work in Process reports from contractors, eliminating the need to key in data during the underwriting process because it renders that data computer-readable. The XBRL data standard will not change the underwriting process or what data is used, it will simply change how the data needed for underwriting is conveyed.

Attend this program for an in-depth look at how surety IT managers can leverage XBRL in their financial systems to reduce costs and improve timeliness and how providers of financial management software can incorporate XBRL into their offerings to better serve surety clients.

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You’ll hear:

  • Technical review of how surety’s financial systems can automatically consume Work in Process and other financial reports
  • How automation through the XBRL standard works to reduce processing cost and improve timeliness
  • About a pilot program that you can participate in to learn more

Who should attend? IT managers at sureties, software providers to the surety industry

Speakers for this program include Greg Davenport, SVP Global Operations at Liberty Mutual, Robert Coon, Vice President Surety, Scott Insurance,  Alexander Falk, CEO of Altova, and Campbell Pryde, CEO of XBRL US.

This program is developed through a partnership with NASBP.