In order to provide comments that will be considered by XBRL US as part of the Public Review process for the Solar Financing Taxonomy, you must agree to terms and conditions for public comment. By completing the form below with valid name and email information and clicking “I agree to the terms for public review and comment” button, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions for public comment.

No Restrictions on Dissemination or Use of Information or Technology Submitted in XBRL US Public Review for the Solar Financing Taxonomy

Taxonomies developed by XBRL US must be open source and freely available to the public.

Accordingly, as a Commenter you must not include in your comments any information or technology that cannot be freely disclosed to and used by the public. By submitting comments, you (i) acknowledge that XBRL US may publish or otherwise make available any and all such information or technology to the public or to any person for any use or purpose, and (ii) hereby assign to XBRL US all right, title and interest in any such information or technology, including any copyrights or patents therein. In addition, by providing information or technology to XBRL US as part of your comments, you represent, warrant and covenant to XBRL US that such information or technology does not and will not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party.

XBRL US shall incur no liability to any third party, including you or other Commenters, arising from your submission of information or technology while providing comments or from any publication or use of such information or technology. By submitting information or technology, you waive any claim against XBRL US arising from the submission, or the publication or use, of the information or technology.

Neither XBRL US nor any other person shall be required to pay you any royalties or other compensation arising from your submission of information or technology in your comments, or from XBRL US’s dissemination thereof, or from any use of the information or technology by a person to whom XBRL US has disclosed it.

By receiving information or technology submitted in your comments, XBRL US shall not be deemed to accept or endorse the information or technology as meeting any standard of performance or quality or being fit for any particular use or purpose. XBRL US’s receipt or publication of such information or technology shall not give rise to any obligation on the part of XBRL US and, in particular, shall not be taken as an indication that XBRL US has conducted any evaluation or assessment of the information or technology.

If you nonetheless wish to submit to XBRL US information or technology that is subject to restrictions on its disclosure or use, you may contact XBRL US directly to discuss the possibility of entering into a written agreement that acknowledges and gives effect to such restrictions. Absent a written agreement signed by an authorized XBRL US senior executive, however, XBRL US shall not be deemed to have agreed to any restrictions on disclosure or use of information or technology you may submit while participating in the Public Review process.

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