Posted on Tuesday, March 2, 2021

The Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) announced the start of a 60-day (through April 22) public review of their XBRL Taxonomy. They are soliciting feedback about various technical and usage aspects of the taxonomy. Materials available through the public review include the Draft Taxonomy, Preparer Guide, and Sample XBRL Instance Document, as well as guides to two platforms that can be used to create XBRL-formatted sustainability reports using the Taxonomy.

SASB President and COO, Matthew Welch noted in their press release, “SASB-aligned disclosures in the structured XBRL format will allow for easier collection and comprehensive analysis of non-financial data…This development is especially important as key regions around the world move to encourage structured reporting of sustainability information, just as they have done with financial information.”

The XBRL US Domain Steering Committee (DSC) reviewed and provided feedback to the SASB on their draft taxonomy, and has certified this Candidate release of the Taxonomy. We applaud the efforts of the SASB to make ESG data even more accessible by rendering it machine-readable and therefore more timely, functional and actionable, through XBRL. 

Supporting materials about the Taxonomy:

Read the DSC Certification letter: XBRL US SASB Taxonomy Review 2_22_2020 and review the Taxonomy Approval Metrics: Taxonomy Approval Metrics – SASB Taxonomy

Read the SASB page on Structured Reporting Using XBRL.

Read the press release.

Visit the public comment page.

Read the blog.



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