Posted on Friday, May 6, 2016
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In a speech at the 48th Annual Rocky Mountain Securities Conference in Denver, CO, SEC Commissioner Kara Stein called for the creation of a digital disclosure task force made up of investors, analysts, academics, companies, and technology experts.

“We need to be thoughtful in our vision, and analytical in our implementation. Let’s make sure that the resources companies invest in providing disclosure is money well spent – money that leads to greater information access for investors, which in turn leads to greater capital formation for the companies. The perfect match between investor and issuer.”

“That is why today I am making an important call to action: We need to create a Digital Disclosure Task Force. The Digital Disclosure Task Force should include investors, analysts, academics, companies, and technology experts. Together, we can envision what disclosure should look like in the Digital Age so that we can continue to have the premier capital markets in the world.”

“We must do more than ask questions in concept releases, we must lead. It’s time to revolutionize our disclosure paradigm. Help us in that endeavor and everyone wins.”