From Ez-XBRL for EDGAR filers

Ez-XBRL Solutions provides a unique, integrated suite of products and services that combine to provide customers with the most complete XBRL solution in the market. Our flagship product – Ez-XBRL – is a powerful, yet simple and efficient, application that enables effortless creation of XBRL documents without requiring extensive training in XBRL. With Ez-XBRL, financial users need not become XBRL experts. Users can easily create XBRL documents without having to take the pain of learning the nuances of XBRL specifications. All the complexity of XBRL specification is managed in the background by Ez-XBRL allowing the users to focus on the financial information.

Ez-XBRL supports all the essential functions of creating XBRL documents. These functions include the creation and management of taxonomy extensions while creating valid XBRL document instances. Ez-XBRL supports XBRL 2.1 specifications and complies with the XBRL conformance suite. It also includes a powerful, rules-based validation engine that supports a variety of validation rules including in the US SEC EDGAR Filer Manual (EFM) and XBRL US DQC Rules.

Features: taxonomy/extension creation • taxonomy validation • instance creation • For EDGAR Filers • instance rendering • data management • data reporting • financial information analysis • data analysis • web-based training • taxonomy management • 24/7 technical support • software updates •

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