Posted on Monday, July 22, 2019
Review the survey results || Read the CFA blog entry about this

The CFA Institute published results from a survey of 160,000 investment professionals on whether quarterly reporting was too short a reporting internal. Results show no support. Excerpt from the blog:

There has long been a debate as to whether quarterly reporting is the appropriate interval. Is it too short? And does this time between reports promote short-term thinking — and actions — that undermine long-term performance and growth? Promoting long-term thinking is a noble idea. The return in terms of jobs and wealth creation could be a multiple of the current results. Many would benefit… 

But as noble as this idea may be, there is almost no support for it among investment professionals around the globe who rely on financial reporting to manage assets. This conclusion is based on a survey of our nearly 160,000 members that was prompted in part by request for comment on this topic by the Securities and Exchange Commission.


Read the blog. 

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