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FERCxbrl™ prepares FERC forms 1/2/3-Q/6/60/714 filings in the new XBRL/iXBRL format on a Windows PC. At a basic level, it presents familiar FERC forms into which you enter information. You can also copy/paste into these forms (including bulk copy/paste) from your existing spreadsheets or data bases. The forms are pretagged and require no XBRL expertise. Additionally, the software can connect with your existing data bases, and also supports smart import from previous filings as well as collaboration features. Interactive validation makes it easy to correct errors. It natively creates instance and inline XBRL documents, and provides automated submission to FERC.

View a demo of FERCxbrl.

Features: automated submission • data import • For FERC Filers • form-based • inline XBRL • local rule checking • online collaboration • Tool • version control • web-based training •

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