From Ez-XBRL for EDGAR filers

Be ready for Inline XBRL with Integix. Integix uses patented algorithms to convert your prior EDGAR and XBRL files to an Inline XBRL format in a few minutes. Rolling forward to new content is possible in less than the half the time as compared to any other product or service.

Integix is an integrated cloud-based disclosure management solution enabling real-time editing and review in a collaborative environment. It enables you to work with multiple document formats, generates output in EDGAR HTML, Inline XBRL, standard SEC XBRL, and PDF formats.

With single-source input, support for multiple source document formats, integration with spreadsheets, interlinked XBRL facts, realtime collaboration, and a host of other powerful features, Integix changes the way regulatory filings are created. Integix is currently available for multiple reporting requirements including the US SEC and South Africa’s CIPC.

Features: data analysis • data reporting • For EDGAR Filers • HTML composition • inline XBRL • instance creation • instance rendering • software updates • taxonomy comparison • taxonomy management • taxonomy validation • taxonomy/extension creation •

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