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In today’s regulatory environment, companies want to know that their XBRL documents are expertly prepared and in line with the highest standards for compliance, quality, and usability. RDG Filings is an SEC Compliance company with over twenty years’ experience that offers full-service XBRL Tagging, on-demand Disclosure Management Software, full-service EDGAR Conversion, Financial Printing & Typesetting, Newswire, IR Web-Hosting, and XBRL Quality Assurance. Our clients receive unparalleled 24/7 customer service, exceptional quality filings, excellent turnaround times, and they benefit from a reasonable flat-rate pricing structure.

XBRL Services
Unlike most other providers, RDG does not outsource any aspect of the XBRL tagging process. We assign each client a US-based, dedicated XBRL Account Manager, who will be a CPA and an XBRL expert. This unique service model provides you direct access to and consultation with the XBRL expert who is actually preparing your XBRL document. RDG provides unmatched service and flexibility, particularly during stressful filing deadlines.

On-Demand Document Management Software
The exclusive ThunderDome® Portal allows multi-user access to create, manage, edit, and file EDGAR documents with the SEC. The web-based portal creates significant efficiencies to users as it enable version control and collaboration while also eliminating the need to manually hand-mark EDGAR changes only to then wait for your provider to return a proof.

EDGAR Services
RDG Filings has twenty years’ experience providing full-service EDGAR conversion and filing services. With customer service our primary focus, RDG provides excellence in accuracy and turnaround times.

Typesetting & Financial Printing
RDG Filings provides full service typesetting and financial printing for your 10-Ks, Annual Reports, Proxies, and Transactional Documents. We offer fast turnaround, high quality printed material, and quick delivery to transfer agents from our NYC area press facilities.

RDG provides local, national, international, and customized Press Release services at excellent rates.

XBRL Quality Assurance
Regardless of whether you prepare XBRL in-house or outsource the work, RDG provides Quality Assurance Service by our team of XBRL expert CPAs. Using a full-range of detailed manual checks and the most robust automated validation engines available, RDG will assure your XBRL code is held to the highest possible standards.

Features: taxonomy/extension creation • consulting • taxonomy validation • training classes • instance creation • For EDGAR Filers • instance rendering • taxonomy comparison • XBRL review •

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