From Ez-XBRL for EDGAR filers

XBRL Online Review (XOR) is the leading cloud-based XBRL review tool for US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filers that enables preparers and clients to collaborate and review XBRL documents. XOR offers a set of user-friendly interfaces that help users navigate through an XBRL instance document and all related reports. It supports standard, rendered XBRL as well as Inline XBRL and the latest SEC-approved taxonomies including IFRS, US GAAP, and Risk-Return. XOR comes equipped with features that help users in detecting inconsistencies in reporting or non-compliance with XBRL guidelines and best practices as well as for compliance with the SEC’s EDGAR Filer Manual. XOR is also available for use in other mandates such as South Africa CIPC and UK HMRC.

Features: data analysis • data reporting • For EDGAR Filers • inline XBRL • instance rendering • software updates • taxonomy comparison • taxonomy validation •

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