Welcome to the first XBRL US National Conference: Financial Reporting – Advancing Transparency and Transforming the Dialogue!

This summer kicked off the biggest implementation of XBRL in the United States with the requirement from the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) for public companies to submit XBRL-tagged financial statements. This 1½ day conference will help you better understand the impact this technology standard will have on your business in terms of greater accuracy, transparency and simply a better connection with your shareholders. You will also hear from the SEC, from public companies and from auditors, on how the US GAAP implementation is going and even more importantly, learn about what’s ahead for financial executives and investors with initiatives like corporate actions and proxy reporting

Join us for an informative program that will give you the tools you need to understand how XBRL is changing your dialogue with investors.

Taylor Hawes
Chair, XBRL US National Conference Advisory Committee,
CFO Intellectual Property & Licensing
Microsoft Corporation

Keynote speakers

  • Donald F. Donahue, Chairman and CEO
    The Depository Trust & Clearing
  • James P. Donovan, Senior Executive Vice President
    Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)
  • Jeff Morgan, President and CEO
    National Investor Relations Institute
  • Jamie S. Miller, Vice President and Controller
    General Electric Corporation

Panel Sessions

Beyond the Mandate – Benefiting from the Internal Use of XBRL
Where are the opportunities to expand the use of XBRL for Internal reporting, performance monitoring, etc.? How can my company benefit from the use of XBRL beyond mandated financial reporting? These questions and more, will be addressed through this panel discussion, designed to provide you with a broad range of perspectives on how different organizations are leveraging XBRL beyond mandated financial reporting.
  • Moderator: Scott Rosenfelder, Director – AERS Technology & Knowledge Management, Deloitte
  • Sarah Gelfand, Director of the Impact Reporting and Investment Standards (IRIS), Global Impact Investing Network
  • John Van Decker, Vice President – Corporate Performance Management and Financial Management Systems, Gartner
Lessons Learned from the SEC – US GAAP Reporting in XBRL
Representatives from the Securities and Exchange Commission will provide an in-depth assessment and respond to questions about the EDGAR filings they’ve received in XBRL format to date.  The session will focus on accounting and business issues, as well as technical learnings related to adherence with the SEC EDGAR manual.
From the United States Securities and Exchange Commission:
The Next Frontier in XBRL
What comes next after US GAAP reporting? Proxy statements and executive compensation, corporate actions, and more. This session will help you prepare for what’s coming down the road in XBRL reporting for public companies.

XBRL Essentials Presentations

Getting Started Once You Have the Basics

  • Assembling the internal team, investigating tools, learning requirements
  • Considering insource vs. outsource
  • Learning about the tools and services available

Yossef Newman, Director, Deloitte
Louis Matherne, Director, XBRL Services, Clarity Systems

Reviewing and Validating your XBRL Financials

  • Identifying the rules
  • Using validation tools, interpreting the output
  • Reviewing work by third party providers
  • Validating the XBRL specification with the tagging tool
  • Understanding validation required by the EDGAR Filer Manual
  • Incorporating the auditor into the process
  • Working with auditors and professional services

Paul Penler, Executive Director, Assurance Services, Ernst & Young
Gregg Saunders, XBRL Advisor, XBRL US Project Team
Jeff Naumann, Assistant Director, Office of Interactive Disclosure, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Tackling Detailed Footnote Tagging

  • Scope
  • Volume of work
  • Timing
  • Approach
  • Examples
  • Difference from the facing financial statements
  • Dimensions/tables

Lou Rohman, Director of XBRL Services, Merrill Corporation
Christine Tan, PhD, Professor, Fordham University
Gregg Saunders, XBRL Advisor, XBRL US Project Team

Understanding the US GAAP Taxonomy, Selecting Elements to Match your Financials

  • Choosing the right tags with a focus on face financials
  • Defining tables – using XBRL “dimensions”
  • Getting to know XBRL structure – what are the files, what gets submitted to the SEC
  • Linking XBRL files, e.g., schema, instance, etc
  • Extension elements – what they are, when to use

Stuart Zatkow, Director of Interactice Data Services, NeoClarus Inc.
Christine Tan, PhD, Professor, Fordham University
Gregg Saunders, XBRL Advisor, XBRL US Project Team