XBRL US National Conference 2010 – The Path to Transparency

Conference at a glance – (PDF)

Find out how the XBRL technology standard can enable accountability in the corporate, government and nonprofit worlds by increasing transparency and usability of information. Learn about real-world practical applications and how XBRL can affect change.

Transparency can be defined as openness, communication, and accountability. Many speak of transparency as a cure for today’s challenging times. But just making information available doesn’t take us down the path to transparency. Information needs to be more useable, more accurate and more timely, to truly shed light on the value of an investment, on government spending or on other areas where decisions are made.

The path to transparency is real and it’s happening now. As Chair of the XBRL US National Conference Advisory Committee, I am proud to host an event that will give financial executives at public companies and securities processing professionals practical lessons in the use XBRL and provide a look into the future of financial reporting.

Please join us for a program that will move business information ahead on the path to transparency.

Chuck Callan – XBRL US National Conference 2010 Advisory Committee Chair
Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs,
Broadridge Financial Solutions