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    Peter Guldberg

    So – I need to check if I am thinking about this correctly… The XBRL API connects to the XBRL US database which we as members have access to, but we should not rely on it as a long term solution for commercial use.

    What are our options if we want to implement a local (to us) solution? Are we allowed to/can we copy the database and maintain it locally? – how do we get a hold of the API to connect it to our own database?

    If we wanted to just store the zipped filings locally as described in Altova’s video, how would we be able to connect to that? The API would not work for connecting to those, right? Is that essentially what Raptor XML is for?

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    David Tauriello

    We’ve exposed the XBRL US Database of Public Filings via the XBRL API so anyone – regardless of their affiliation with XBRL US – can see and learn about how to use standardized financial data for their own private, non-commercial research and development.

    We believe in the integrity of our ‘as-filed’ database and are working to incorporate XBRL data from sources other than the SEC, but we’re not set up to be a ‘data provider’. Several XBRL US Members already do a great job of providing enterprise-level support for XBRL data.

    We can provide any any member organization (company or institution) a snapshot of our database and are working on making the XBRL API available, as well (we’re still configuring it around the edges). We can also make documentation available for the database and our load process, if needed.

    I think the video you’re referencing is this one https://youtu.be/2Oe9ZqXVGME from a webinar a couple of years ago. The .zip files are in the SEC’s EDGAR database, so I’m not sure you’d be able to connect via the XBRL API. FWIW, we ‘listen’ to the RSS the SEC provides for the database, and programmatically expand these .zips into our database as part of our load process. I’m not completely sure whether the latest version of Raptor reads the .zips or extracts them (I think it’s the latter).

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    Peter Guldberg

    Sounds good David. That was pretty much exactly what I was hoping to hear 🙂

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    Ashutosh Pandey

    Can these APIs be used on the XBRL data shredded on MongoDB?

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      David Tauriello

      The XBRL API is designed to work with any database containing data that conforms to the 2.1 XBRL Specification.

      Please note: We don’t support using the XBRL API and our Database of Public Filings to siphon/feed another database – this will strain our resource and may result in termination of access.

      Organizational members should contact us for more information (info@xbrl.us).

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