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      PX NY

      I hope this question isn’t out of place.

      Is there a way the use API to parse a 10-K and have it return specific abstract text formally itemized in the document, such as “Item 1.”, which is “Business Description” or “Item 2.” which is “Risk Factors,” etc.?

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      David Tauriello

      The XBRL API is not currently configured to query text within fact.value as there are several datatypes for this information (numeric, boolean, data, string, etc.). At this point, the parsing needs to be done on fact.value after it’s returned to the end user. Fortunately, structured data like XBRL makes this easy at the destination.

      To date, we’ve enabled text-match on the label endpoint so a query like this will show all of the labels in a filing that contain the string “Text Block” – /label/search?dts.id=292503&label.text=Text Block&fields=label.*,concept.local-name.sort(ASC). Take a look at the documentation for details.

      We’re continuing to explore and assess the suitability of text match on other viable endpoints like fact.

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