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    Tim Bui

    Hi David,
    Does XBRL US have a code to indicate if a CIK belong to a publicly-traded company, as opposed to a privately-held company?


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    David Tauriello

    Hi Tim – sorry for the delayed response. I’m not aware of any privately-held companies that have CIKs – can you give me an example – ?

    FWIW – a query like this (changing offset) should give you a full list of alpha-sorted companies and tickers: /report/search?report.is-most-current=true&fields=dts.id,report.entity-name.sort(DESC),entity.ticker,entity.id,report.offset(0)

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    Tim Bui

    Hi David,

    Thank you for your reply and for the code. I will use that code to see how far I get. The Financial Data Sets that I download contains so many CIKs and I try to narrow the list down to public companies or companies that have stock prices so I can make investment decisions.

    Regarding the CIK for privately held companies, I assume that they are privately held because I can’t find any stock information on them. I always assumed that the SEC gives each filer a CIK, whether they are public or private. My confusion could also come from companies changing their names.

    Examples of a few CIKs that I can’t find information:
    1425392 – Grant Hartford Group.
    1441082 – Lake Forest Minerals Inc
    1111741 – Dynaresource Inc
    1403570 – Quantum Materials Corp

    Thanks again, David!


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      David Tauriello

      From the CIKs you shared, it looks like Grant Hartford stopped filing in 2012; the others are still filing with the SEC (listed on OTCMKTS):


      There are some details on SEC’S CIK at the bottom of page 1: https://www.sec.gov/info/edgar/quick-reference/form-id.pdf

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