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      Hasnain jaffery

      Hi David,
      Q: is it possible to see the SQL code behind any API?

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      David Tauriello

      Hi Hasnain – we don’t currently publish these details publicly. If you can give me an idea of what specific XBRL API query you’re looking for details to, I’ll see what I can do to make this available.

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      Hasnain jaffery

      Thanks David,
      I am just trying to get to establish the correct label link for any fact ID.
      Currently, I am using excel Add-on but I have to run this on a mass scale or do something more than what is provided, then I am lost.

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      David Tauriello

      Hi Hasnain – if I understand correctly, you’re trying to display the human-readable label AND the corresponding fact value.

      If you know the dts.id and concept.id, you can pass these as /label/<em>dts.id</em>/search?concept.id= to get the label.text value.

      Take a look at the XBRL Statements and Disclosures template for Excel (be sure to unhide columns A-E and rows 1-4).

      IMPORTANT: the task pane in Excel is a very cut-down version of filter options available – keep our XBRL API documentation handy!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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