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    Angelo Brizi

    I ran the following query in Google Sheets


    Why only the data for 3QCUM and Y are returned? It looks like the data for 1Q and 1H (except for 2016) are missing.

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    Angelo Brizi

    the above query is not shown properly in the message above but is the following


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    David Tauriello

    Hi Angelo – in the query below, I’m returning period.fiscal-period as part of the fields to show how the fact corresponds to reporting periods defined by the filer for their annual cycle, which does not always follow the 1/1 – 12/31 calendar.


    If you replace the concept.local-name in the query with a US GAAP element in every filing called DocumentFiscalPeriodFocus the model for this filer’s fiscal year should become clear (10/1 – 9/30).

    See this discussion for more detail on periods, and check out the Balance Sheet Compare – SEC Filers Google Sheet for queries that translate the DocumentFiscalPeriodFocus for the presentation.

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    Angelo Brizi

    Thanks a lot for the detailed answer David. That was really helpful.
    Best regards,


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