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    Tim Bui

    I use the code below to get some data. with entity.name I do get the company name, however, the entity.ticker does not return value. Would anyone please point me to the right direction? Thank you
    =CONCATENATE(A1&”/fact/search?entity.cik=”&TEXTJOIN(“,”,TRUE,Call!B22:B179)&”&fact.has-dimensions=false&fact.ultimus-index=1&concept.local-name=”&Call!G19&”&period.fiscal-period=”&Call!D1&”&period.fiscal-year=”&TEXTJOIN(“,”,TRUE,Call!A2:I2)&”&fields=entity.cik,period.fiscal-year,period.fiscal-period,concept.local-name,concept.id,fact.value,concept.balance-type, entity.name,entity.ticker”)

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    David Tauriello

    entity.ticker is not available on the /fact endpoint (see XBRL API Documentation).

    You might be able to return this detail if you use /report/fact/search? instead of /fact/search? – note: this might ‘nest’ the results in Google Sheets and make that approach impractical. In that case, consider including dts.id or report.id as one of the fields in your initial query, then set up a second query to return entity.ticker as /report/search?dts.id=(INTEGERS,FROM,YOUR,QUERY)&fields=entity.ticker

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    Tim Bui

    Thank you for your explanation, David.

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