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      Kevin Monahan


      I have been a member previously utilizing the google sheets via token for the margin analysis template and it worked flawlessly. However, with the new setup, it seems that it does not call all the data. For example when searching AMZN in the MarginTimeSeries tab, (utilizing the overrides ticker) the data stops at 2018 2Q and for many other symbols such as OLLI, there is no data at all or very little.

      I’m I missing something or additional step perhaps??

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      David Tauriello

      Hi Kevin – thanks for writing and for your good question. You might need to adjust the elements queried for the time series to work properly.

      I’m confirming OLLI was empty until I entered RevenueFromContractWithCustomerExcludingAssessedTax in the override cell B21 of the time series tab. NOTE – you can use a comma-delimited set of elements in this override field.

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