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      Jeff Krimmel


      I am trying to make sure I know how the setup in Google Sheets works.

      In one cell, I create the following URL: =CONCATENATE(“https://api.xbrl.us/api/v1/fact/search?concept.local-name=Assets&period.fiscal-year=2020&Entity.cik=0000040545&fields=fact.value”)

      In the cell immediately below it, I have the following:

      And the value I get is “No information returned”.

      I am authorized, via the Google Sheets extension. And I use other XBRL API calls in Google Sheets that work fine. Those were copied and pasted from elsewhere. I’m now just trying to explore on my own, to make all of this a bit less of a black box for myself.

      I must have a typo in the URL I’m creating, right? But I’m trying to follow example on page 8 of the API doc:


      Do you know where I’m going wrong?

      Thanks for the help.

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      David Tauriello

      Hi Jeff – thanks for writing. yes, it’s a typo in your query – the ‘e’ in entity.cik should not be capitalized (true for all parameters).


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      Jeff Krimmel

      David, thank you so much for the helpful reply.

      I’ve tried it again with this query, and I again get “No information returned”:


      Now, when I change “fact.*” to “fact.value”, I do indeed get a list of values. Also “fact.ultimus” gives me a list of results. But “fact.*” gives me “No information returned”.

      I’m sorry for the hassle on this one. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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      David Tauriello

      Hi Jeff – thanks for pointing this out; it’s been fixed, so your query should be good to go.

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