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      Tim Bui

      I know that XBRL US is working to get more sectors to report using XBRL, but at the present time, can we get holdings within ETFs (tickers and shares held, amount…)? Thanks!

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      David Tauriello

      Hi Tim – my apologies for not responding sooner; do you have an example of an SEC filing where these details have been disclosed by a reporting company – ?

      We are looking at the possibility of loading Mutual Fund data – stay tuned.

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      Tim Bui

      Hi David, thank you for your reply. I am asking about the EFT holdings but I have not seen any SEC filings on the holdings. Some ETF issuers put the holdings (shares, market value, percentage holding,,,,) of their ETFs on their website (ishares.com) but others do not. Even investing in ETF, I would like to know more about the holdings to make better decisions.

      If XBRL US could load mutual fund data, that would be wonderful. Knowing what’s inside each fund is so important, but many fund companies just release the top 10 positions.

      Thanks, David

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      Hasnain jaffery

      Hi David,
      I have the same Q about the holding of ETFs and Mutual Funds. I was just checking ETF (SPDR® S&P 500® ESG ETF) EFIV (CIK = 1064642) has an entry in the Entity table, but not able to fig out where and how to search its holds
      can you please guide me…?

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      David Tauriello

      Hi Hasnain – this information is not submitted to the SEC in XBRL. That said, we’ve drafted a taxonomy and are exploring options for loading the data to our repository.

      Stay tuned!


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