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      Ajit Vasudevan


      I am trying to obtain the list of Subsidiaries for a company from its 10K filing.
      For example, Apples 2019 10K filing is at


      And from there, you can navigate to the “Subsidiaries of the Registrant” – which is Exhibit 21.1


      Any help on what the API query would be to get this info would be great!


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      Hi Ajit – we’re finalizing a /document endpoint with text search capability for XBRL US Members that will allow you to get details like this, which are outside of the XBRL facts for the filing.

      Once its ready, we’ll be holding a web meeting to cover the basics of search – wildcard options, etc. – as well as show some other tools for data access.

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      Ajit Vasudevan

      Thanks David. Do you have an ETA on when this API would be ready?

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      Ajit – it’s in production now – see the document endpoint here for documentation: https://xbrlus.github.io/xbrl-api and note that we’re making some modifications to the query parameters.

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      Hi Ajit – you’ll need two queries to return a list that confirms the text string exists and provides a URL to the HTML in EDGAR. As this content is in the unstructured part of the filing and not tagged, there’s no way for our database to show only the specific detail for the search query.

      The first query returns our database’s internal dts.id values for filings that should be searched, and the second query searches for the specified string in the document (excluding XBRL-tagged information) and returns an excerpt and URL for it.

      Here’s a Jupyter notebook as an example – https://mybinder.org/v2/gh/xbrlus/xbrl-api-ipynb/python?filepath=xbrl_us_api_doctext.ipynb – it may take a few minutes for the environment to get spun up, but after that, scroll to the bottom and you should see several examples for dts.id values selected from the initial query against Apple’s SIC code.

      If you enter your credentials and follow the instructions, you should be able to get other results. At a minimum, you can copy out the queries and modify them elsewhere as needed.

      Post back here and let us know how it works out for you.


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